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We create journeys, not holidays. A journey is an immersive experience, one that changes how you view the world in general and the wild places of Africa in particular.

An Introduction to Malawi

Malawi is a gem of a country in the heart of central southern Africa that a offers a true African experience. Lake Malawi, the third largest water body in Africa, takes up almost a third of this narrow country.

Malawi's geography is sculptured by Africa's Great Rift Valley: towering mountains, lush, fertile valley floors and enormous crystal-clear lakes are hallmarks of much of this geological phenomenon - and Malawi displays them all. At its lowest point, the country is only about 35m above sea level; its highest point, Mount Mulanje, is over 3000m above sea level. Between these altitude extremes, the country's diverse ecology is protected within Malawi's nine national parks and game reserves - everything from elephants to orchids. Malawi is also one of the best places in Africa for visitors to meet and interact with the local inhabitants or visit a rural community in an atmosphere totally devoid of either expectation or affectation.

This is a warm and welcoming country that offers visitors wonderful beauty, fascinating parks and some of the friendliest people in Africa. It is no wonder that it is known as the "warm heart of Africa."

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Expert Safari Design

Designing a safari is an important part of the African journey. Given the diversity and immense topography of the continent, it is impossible to see everything in one trip or even a lifetime of return visits.

Combining destinations is the best way to discover the diverse wildlife species that thrive in different habitats. Our carefully selected camps and itineraries offer a multiplicity of species, scenery and activities and are thus easily combined to create the perfect journey.

Seasons vary between destinations, however for those seeking to view the birthing season of many animals within an abundant setting, or for birding enthusiasts, summer is generally the best time to travel. For those seeking drier landscapes and teeming herds around limited water resources, winter is the season.

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Malawi's Top Safari Destinations

Nyika National Park

Nyika is Malawi’s largest park extending across the great plateau which rises up to 1800m. Aside from conventional safaris Nyika is wonderful for walking, mountain biking and horse riding safaris, as well as more 4×4 excursions. And it is not just the game that attracts visitors the rolling scenery is often covered in wildflowers and in the rainy season when over 200 types of orchid are in flower. Animals include duiker, eland, roan, leopard, zebra, lion, elephants and buffalo. And there are over 400 species of birds.

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

Spread across a low-lying area of almost 1000 square kilometres, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve is a birder’s paradise, attracting a myriad of bird species to its forests and wetlands – goliath herons wade through the shallow marshlands, elusive white-winged starlings dart through the trees and the calls of pearl-spotted owls break the silence of night. The park also provides a habitat for plenty of other wildlife, including bush babies, buffalo, elephant and a variety of antelope, all of which move freely between Vwaza and Zambia on the other side of the Malawian border.


In the greenest region of Malawi, surrounded by tropical rainforest and indigenous vegetation, Chintheche offers a broad beach and bays courtesy of Lake Malawi. Hotels and campsites overlook this stretch of sand and dirt tracks connect the main road to these bays. The Old Bandawe Mission houses interesting reminders of the past. The graveyard looks out over the bay and contains graves of missionaries in a walled-off area and an isolated grave with a controversial history.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Malawi’s biggest game reserve, Nkhotakota is provides a habitat for an abundance of game, including lion, elephant, buffalo, antelope and more. This rugged wilderness of forests, rivers and grasslands lends itself to a variety of sports and activities, including hiking, fishing, bird-watching and rock climbing. The reserve does encompass a number of camps, but an alternative option is to stay at one of the lodges on the shores of Lake Malawi and take a day trip into the reserve.

Kasungu National Park

Malawi’s second largest national park, Kasungu is made up of grassland and rolling hills inhabited by elephants, buffalos, zebras, antelopes and more, while hippos wallow in its lake. A rich, varied bird life adds to the park’s wildlife, especially during the summer months when the migratory species arrive.


In 1975 Lilongwe took over from Zomba as Malawi’s capital. The Old Town, with its exciting street and walled markets, has still maintained the appearance of a traditional African settlement, while the City has much in common with other African twentieth century urban developments. An interesting attraction is Kamuzu Academy, founded by the country’s first President Dr Hastings Banda and sometimes referred to as “the Eton of Africa”.

Lake Malawi National Park

Lake Malawi National Park is the world’s first freshwater national park and a World Heritage Site. The lake is home to an exceptional array of tropical fish, most notably the cichlids and mbuna, which treat snorkelers to a kaleidoscope of colours under the surface.

Liwonde National Park

Although Liwonde is one of Malawi’s smaller parks is arguably the most popular of all the game parks. Malawi’s principle river, the Shire, forms its western boundary and is the reserve’s life blood. With plentiful water hippos, crocodiles and elephants are in good supply and black rhino has been re-introduced into the area. The birding is excellent and a favourite sighting among twitchers is the Pel’s fishing owl.

Zomba Nature Reserve

Spectacular misty mountain plateau where you could forgive yourself every now and then for not thinking that you were in Africa. Although the plateau is heavily planted with pine trees several patches of Afromontaine forest, interspersed with grassland, survive. Zomba Plateau is a great slab of a mountain which rises to 1800m but you can drive up onto the top of it. There are numerous walking and hiking options and trout fishing and horse riding on offer.

Mount Mulanje

Mount Mulanje is the highest peak in Malawi rising to a height of 3000m, what makes this all the more impressive is that the bare rock flanks of this great massif rise up high above the surrounding countryside. Mulanje is easily accessible and you can drive around it in a car but the first prise is to hike up on the mountains.

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